A Case Study: Daniel

Daniel came to VFFW after losing his job. He was depressed and unsure if he would ever be able to find work again, let alone a job that he actually enjoyed. We paired Daniel up with VFFW Coach Thomas and the two set out to find work that Daniel would enjoy.  

About a year prior to losing his job, Daniel had earned his master’s degree in engineering, thinking that is what he should be doing because he came from a long family of engineers. But after losing his job, and reflecting on what he liked and didn’t like about his job, Daniel realized he had only been in the job because he didn’t know of any other paths from him. With Thomas’ help, Daniel started exploring other types of jobs, and eventually realized he had a deep passion for photography. Thomas set him up with some classes and mentors who are professional photographers, and today Daniel is a successful photographer. He also spends his free time teaching photography at a local center.  

What Daniel says about his experience with VFFW: “If I hadn’t found Thomas or VFFW, my life would not be nearly as good or fulfilling. I owe everything I have to VFFW because it was what gave me the wonder and excitement I needed to do what I was most excited about.”