A Case Study: Judy

At 62, Judy lost her zest for her life. A recent widow with no children, Judy spent most of her days alone in her house. Her nightly glass of wine with dinner became two, then three, then the whole bottle. One morning, as she was taking the recycling out, the clink-clack of the bottles embarrassed Judy. She wasn’t ready for her life to be over, and she knew she needed to stop living like it.  

Judy started working with VFFW Coach Carrie, and the two focused on what brought Judy the most joy in her life. Judy and her husband used to take long hikes through the mountains near their house, but she stopped going when he passed away because she was afraid to be alone. Carrie connected Judy to a local hiking group, where she met many new friends, including many her own age. She became such great friends with some of the other members of the hiking group that they formed their own group, and they even take trips to trails in other states!  

With Carrie’s help, Judy also started eating better and cut her drinking back. While she still misses her husband, Judy has now found new meaning to her life and is excited about what’s ahead in her future!