Why You Need a Therapist

When we take on a new client, we often take an initial screening of their mental health to see if some of their “stuckness” might be in part of a mental health disorder, such as anxiety or depression. This just helps our coaches understand what other elements the client may be trying to fight, but no matter what the screening tells us, we always recommend therapy with a licensed professional.  

Our team at VFFW is committed to helping people be the best versions of themselves, and we believe therapy can help many people get there. Therapy is like the emotional version of going to the gym. You don’t need to have an diagnosed mental health issue in order to reap the benefits of therapy.  

Life is hard on all of us, and therapy gives the tools to handle some of its ups and downs. Some people could benefit from just a few sessions, while there are other who many need to see someone continuously.  

Going to therapy doesn’t need to be scary, nor does seeing a counselor indicate that something is “wrong” with you. It’s the exact opposite. Therapy helps us better understand ourselves, so we know when we can push ourselves or pull back, allowing us to defeat our fears and go after our dreams.  

We work with a number of licensed professional counselors and licensed social workers, and we can refer you to someone who is experienced and equipped with the skills to meet whatever needs you may have. With the combination of the VFFW coaching and professional therapy, we know that you can do whatever it is your heart most desires.