The Annual VFFW Summit

Every each, the VFFW team hosts our annual summit, and it’s an absolute blast. 

Held in San Diego, the four-day event features a variety of activities that give attendees variety, flavor, fun, and wonder that they can bring home and incorporate into their lives.  

Each morning consists of mediation and yoga sessions that help summit participants center themselves and focus on the very best things in their lives. Then, they will attend sessions on letting go, finding work-life balance, and going after their goals. At night, we introduce the attendees to a new activity, such as fencing, rock climbing, or salsa dancing. A major component of the summit is delicious, organic food, and participants can also attend classes on incorporating healthy, natural foods into their diet to add even more vigor to their lives.  

The VFFW Summit changes people’s lives, and we hope that you consider joining us next year!