Want to be happier? Eat real food.

Our society has made it easier than ever to ingest food. Have 10 minutes and five dollars? Here is an entire meal you can scarf down while in front of your computer. Surprisingly enough, that kind of meal is not good for your, both for in nutrition and well-being.  

Meals are meant to be enjoyed, slowly and with friends and family. However, the pressures of life and advancements of technology have made meal time less of a priority and a quick experience. But, that is leaving us hungrier yet fatter.  

Most of the convenience foods are full of sugar and fat. They load us up on empty calories, so we are reaching for another of whatever 20 minutes later. Because these foods are packaged and shipped, they contain little nutrition but many preservatives.  

However, when we slow down, and look at food as something to enjoy, we find more pleasure if life. Especially, when we make food for other people 

While the business of our lives make it nearly impossible to cook like our grandmothers, we can make a goal to slow down and make time to enjoy one lengthier meal once a week, or even once a day. By slowing down and using real ingredients, we experience the food the way it is meant to be, finding more fulfillment in our everyday lives.